How to get a Turkey visa

Get a turkey visa

Located on the Eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey is a beautiful country with a rich history. There are so many reasons to travel to Turkey for visitors of all kinds. From the bustling markets of Istanbul to the seaside vacation destinations on the coast, the country hosts some of the world’s most important historical sites, countless world-class restaurants, and many must-see cultural institutions. With its own manufacturing industry and a stable economy, Turkey is also a prime destination for business opportunities and those looking to invest in real estate. It also boasts a vibrant student population and employment opportunities for young professionals. Below you’ll find all the information about the requirements and the application process to get a turkey visa to enjoy all the country has to offer. 

A Turkey visa is an official document issued by the Turkish government that allows travelers to enter and visit the country for various reasons. Unless you hold a passport that exempts you from needing a visa to enter Turkey, you will need to apply for and obtain your visa before traveling to Turkey. 

Types of Turkey Visas 

Officially, there are five categories of Turkish visas: Tourist/Businessperson, Official, Student/Education, Working, and Other. Most applicants seeking a visa to Turkey apply for Tourism, Business, or Transit purposes. Within these five categories, there are many visa types that can be obtained depending on the purpose of travel to Turkey. It’s important to review all visa types before submitting your application to ensure you are applying to obtain the correct visa type. 

Turkey issues two types of tourist visas depending on the passport you hold. An electronic visa for Turkey can be obtained through a simple online visa application process. A sticker or paper visa can be obtained for other nationalities that are not eligible for a Turkey e-Visa. 

Depending on your nationality, the Turkish visa may be issued as a single-entry visa for up to 30 days in Turkish territory. You might also apply for and receive a 90-day multiple-entry visa to Turkey. Both the single and multiple-entry visas are valid for a total of 180 days starting from the date you arrive in Turkey.  

How to Apply for a Turkey Visa 

How to Apply for a Turkey Visa 

The good news is that for many nationalities the Turkey e-Visa can be obtained by completing a simple online process. The Turkey e-Visa application form only takes a few minutes to complete and submit. The processing times for the Turkey e-Visa are typically very short with most visas received within 48 hours. Whether you are traveling for tourism, business, or just transiting through Turkey on a long layover, the process for applying for a Turkey e-Visa is straightforward and hassle-free. 

Some nationalities are not eligible to apply for a Turkey e-Visa, but they can apply for a Turkey sticker or paper visa by scheduling an appointment with their nearest Turkish embassy or consulate, or VAC and submitting the visa application form along with all required documents. The processing times for the Turkey sticker visa can take longer than the e-Visa, so it’s advised that applicants start the process one month before their scheduled date of departure to Turkey. This may be subject to change depending on the number of applicants and the passport you hold. 

What are the requirements for a Turkey Visa? 

Depending on your nationality, the requirements to obtain a Turkey visa will vary slightly. There are several nationalities that have visa-free access to Turkey and can enter the country without obtaining a visa in advance. 

Other nationalities are required to apply for and obtain a Turkey e-Visa in advance. Those who are eligible for a Turkey e-Visa will fall into two broad categories. The first category of applicants will only need to submit three basic requirements along with their online visa application. These three requirements are a valid travel document or passport, a working email address, and a valid credit or debit card to pay the Turkey e-Visa application fee online. 

The second category of e-Visa applicants will be required to submit the online application and the three required materials above as well as some additional supporting documentation. These additional requirements will vary from nationality to nationality but may include in some cases a confirmation of travel tickets with a Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved airline and/or a valid residence permit or visa from a Schengen country, the United Kingdom, Ireland, or the United States. 

Those who are not eligible for visa-free access to Turkey, nor the Turkey e-Visa can apply for and obtain a sticker visa to Turkey. Those applying for the sticker visa will be required to submit a different set of documents including a valid passport, two (2) passport photos, a completed and signed Turkish Visa application form, a return or roundtrip airline ticket, proof of financial means while staying in Turkey, certified proof of occupation, proof of accommodation, and medical insurance coverage. They will also need to ensure they have at least one blank passport page for the sticker visa to be placed. 

Who can apply for a Turkey e-Visa? 

There are many countries that are eligible to apply for a Turkey e-Visa by meeting the three basic requirements listed above. These countries include Armenia, Australia, Canada, Dominica, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America, among others. To ensure you apply with the correct set of documents make sure to see the full list of countries that can apply for the Turkey e-Visa by meeting the basic requirements. 

The following nationalities will need to submit additional required documentation alongside the basic requirements to receive a Turkey e-Visa: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Cape Verde, China, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Fiji, India, Iraq, Libya, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Senegal, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vanuatu, Vietnam, and Yemen. 

Other nationalities are not eligible to apply online for a Turkey e-Visa, but they can apply at a Turkish embassy or consulate, or a VAC, to obtain a sticker visa to Turkey. Nationals from countries like Angola, Botswana, Puerto Rico, Reunion, Rwanda, Samoa, and Sierra Leone are not eligible for a Turkey e-Visa and will need to apply for a sticker visa through their nearest Turkish embassy or consulate, or a VAC. It is important to check the full list of countries that need to apply for and obtain the sticker visa. 

Are vaccines required to get a turkey visa?

A negative COVID-19 test is not required to enter Turkey, but it’s recommended that all travelers to Turkey check the requirements before traveling as these conditions may be subject to change. Other vaccinations are not required to travel to Turkey for travelers from any country.