Turkey Visa Requirements

The Turkey e-Visa allows a more accessible way to travel to Turkey for tourism, business, or transit purposes. By enabling online application and online issuance, the Turkish e-Visa is a quick and easy process, for all citizens eligible to apply for a Turkey e-Visa and travel to Turkey. In just a few simple steps, eligible applicants can submit their e-Visa online without having to go to a Turkish consular representation abroad in order to apply. A Turkey e-Visa is usually issued within 48 hours from the date of application.

The requirements you will need to meet to apply for a Turkey e-Visa depend on your nationality. While everyone who requires a visa to enter Turkey will need to provide the same basic requirements, some passport holders will be asked to provide additional requirements and details regarding their planned trip to Turkey. Regardless of the level of requirements you are asked to provide, all e-Visa applications can be easily applied for online and processed quickly.

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Who Can Apply for Turkey e-Visa?

Unless you are a citizen of a visa-exempt country, you must apply for a visa prior to travel to Turkey.

Depending on the nationality of the Turkish e-Visa applicant, some nationalities are required to provide just the basic requirements, while other nationalities are required to provide further additional requirements in addition to the basic requirements.

Please check below to know whether you are eligible to apply for the Turkey e-Visa, which requirements you are required to provide, or whether you are exempt from obtaining a Turkey visa altogether.

    Turkey e-Visa Basic Requirements

    Applicants who are eligible to apply for the Turkey e-Visa by submitting only “basic requirements” will most likely be permitted a multiple-entry Turkey e-Visa. The number of days a multiple-entry e-Visa permits a traveler to be in Turkish territories is usually 90 days. However, travelers of some nationalities may only be allowed in Turkish territory for 30 days with a multi-entry e-Visa, yet still only need to submit the general Turkey e-Visa requirements. 

    The following requirements are for all applicants eligible to apply for the Turkey e-Visa by providing only basic requirements:

    • A passport that will be valid for a minimum of 60 days after the approved and stipulated duration of stay in Turkey.
    • A valid email address.
    • A credit/debit card to pay the Turkey visa fee.

    Please note that you will also need to comply with the temporary requirement of submitting a ‘Form for Entry to Turkey’ including a negative PCR test that must be completed a minimum of 72 hours before the time of departure.

    Citizens of the following countries are eligible for the Turkey e-Visa by submitting only the basic requirements:

    list icon Antigua and Barbuda
    list icon Armenia
    list icon Australia
    list icon Bahamas
    list icon Bahrain
    list icon Barbados
    list icon Bermuda
    list icon Dominica
    list icon Dominican Republic
    list icon East Timor
    list icon Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus
    list icon Grenada
    list icon Haiti
    list icon Hong Kong(BN(O))
    list icon Jamaica
    list icon Kuwait
    list icon Maldives
    list icon Mauritius
    list icon Mexico
    list icon Oman
    list icon Saint Lucia
    list icon Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    list icon Saudi Arabia
    list icon South Africa
    list icon Suriname
    list icon United Arab Emirates
    list icon United States of America

    Turkey e-Visa Additional Requirements

    Applicants for the Turkey e-Visa of certain nationalities will be required to submit “Additional Requirements”, in addition to the basic requirements listed above. These requirements vary from nationality to nationality and are required, in addition, to the basic requirements listed above. Note that some nationalities may only be asked to provide some of the following additional requirements, and not all of them. You can find out which Turkey application requirements correspond to your country by entering your nationality into the [Turkey e-Visa application form]. If an applicant needs to provide additional requirements, this usually means they will be eligible for a single-entry Turkey e-Visa, which allows no more than 30 days in Turkey.

    The additional requirements include, but are not binding or limited to, the following:

    • Proof of accommodation (eg. a hotel reservation).
    • Confirmed travel using Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved airlines (these airlines vary depending on the traveler’s nationality and country of origin. Travelers can find out which airlines will correspond to them after entering their nationality into the Turkey e-Visa application form on this website).
    • A valid, physical visa or residence permit from a Schengen country, the United Kingdom, Ireland, or the United States of America.

    Citizens of the following countries are eligible for the Turkey e-Visa by submitting both basic and additional requirements: 

    list icon
    list icon
    list icon
    list icon
    list icon
    list icon
    Cape Verde
    list icon
    list icon
    list icon
    Equatorial Guinea
    list icon
    list icon
    list icon
    list icon
    list icon
    list icon
    list icon
    list icon
    list icon
    list icon
    Solomon Islands
    list icon
    Sri Lanka
    list icon
    list icon
    list icon
    list icon

    Countries Not Eligible for the Turkey e-Visa

    Citizens from certain countries are not eligible to apply for the Turkey e-Visa. However, they may still apply for a visa to travel to Turkey using the traditional “sticker” application method, requiring the applicant to apply in person at a Turkish consular representation abroad. This visa is known as a “sticker visa” and is issued with a physical sticker in the applicant’s travel document. Note that the Turkey visa requirements for a Turkey sticker visa can differ from the requirements for Turkey e-Visas.

    Citizens of the following countries are not eligible for the Turkey e-Visa:

    list icon Angola
    list icon Anguilla
    list icon Aruba
    list icon Benin
    list icon Botswana
    list icon Burkina Faso
    list icon Burundi
    list icon Cameroon
    list icon Cayman Islands
    list icon Central African Republic
    list icon Chad
    list icon Comoros
    list icon Congo
    list icon Congo (Dem. Rep.)
    list icon Cook Islands
    list icon Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
    list icon Cuba
    list icon Djibouti
    list icon Eritrea
    list icon Ethiopia
    list icon Faroe Islands
    list icon Gabon
    list icon Gambia
    list icon Ghana
    list icon Greenland
    list icon Guadelope
    list icon Guam
    list icon Guinea
    list icon Guinea-Bissau
    list icon Guyana
    list icon Kenya
    list icon Kiribati
    list icon Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
    list icon Laos
    list icon Lesotho
    list icon Liberia
    list icon Madagascar
    list icon Malawi
    list icon Mali
    list icon Marshall Islands
    list icon Martinique
    list icon Mauritania
    list icon Mayotte
    list icon Micronesia
    list icon Mozambique
    list icon Myanmar
    list icon Namibia
    list icon Nauru
    list icon New Caledonia
    list icon Niger
    list icon Nigeria
    list icon Norfolk Island
    list icon Palau
    list icon Papua New Guinea
    list icon Puerto Rico
    list icon Reunion
    list icon Rwanda
    list icon Samoa
    list icon Sao Tome and Principe
    list icon Sierra Leone
    list icon Somalia
    list icon South Sudan
    list icon Sudan
    list icon Swaziland
    list icon Syria
    list icon Tanzania
    list icon Togo
    list icon Tonga
    list icon Turks and Caicos Islands
    list icon Tuvalu
    list icon Uganda
    list icon Zambia
    list icon Zimbabwe

    Countries Exempt from the Turkey Visa

    Turkey exempts citizens of certain countries from requiring a visa to travel to Turkey. If you qualify as a visa-exempt traveler, you do not need to apply for a Turkey visa to travel to Turkey and can stay in Turkish territory for up to 90 days within the 180-day period.

    Citizens of the following countries are exempt from entering Turkey with a visa and need not apply for the Turkey e-Visa:

    list icon Albania
    list icon Andora
    list icon Argentina
    list icon Austria
    list icon Azerbijan
    list icon Belarus
    list icon Belgium
    list icon Belize
    list icon Bolivia
    list icon Bosnia and Herzegovina
    list icon Brazil
    list icon Brunei
    list icon Bulgaria
    list icon Chile
    list icon Colombia
    list icon Costa Rica
    list icon Croatia
    list icon Czech Republic
    list icon Denmark
    list icon Ecuador
    list icon El Salvador
    list icon Estonia
    list icon Finland
    list icon France
    list icon Georgia
    list icon Germany
    list icon Greece
    list icon Guatemala
    list icon Honduras
    list icon Hong Kong(S.A.R)
    list icon Hungary
    list icon Iceland
    list icon Indonesia
    list icon Iran
    list icon Ireland
    list icon Israel
    list icon Italy
    list icon Japan
    list icon Jordan
    list icon Kazakhstan
    list icon Korea, Republic of
    list icon Kosovo
    list icon Kyrgyzstan
    list icon Latvia
    list icon Lebanon
    list icon Liechtenstein
    list icon Lithuania
    list icon Luxembourg
    list icon Macao
    list icon Macedonia
    list icon Malaysia
    list icon Malta
    list icon Moldova
    list icon Monaco
    list icon Mongolia
    list icon Montenegro
    list icon Morocco
    list icon Netherlands
    list icon New Zealand
    list icon Nicaragua
    list icon Norway
    list icon Panama
    list icon Paraguay
    list icon Peru
    list icon Poland
    list icon Portugal
    list icon Qatar
    list icon Romania
    list icon Russian Federation
    list icon Saint Kitts and Nevis
    list icon San Marino
    list icon Serbia
    list icon Seychelles
    list icon Singapore
    list icon Slovakia
    list icon Slovenia
    list icon Spain
    list icon Sweden
    list icon Switzerland
    list icon Tajikistan
    list icon Thailand
    list icon Trinidad and Tobago
    list icon Tunisia
    list icon Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
    list icon Turkmenistan
    list icon Ukraine
    list icon United Kingdom
    list icon Uruguay
    list icon Uzbekistan
    list icon Vatican
    list icon Venezuela


    "The documents required for a Turkeish sticker visa include: a valid passport, two (2) passport photos, a completed and signed Turkish Visa application form, a return or roundtrip airline ticket, proof of financial means during stay in Turkey, certified proof of occupation, proof of accommodation, medical insurance coverage. The documents required for a Turkish e-Visa include: a valid passport, a valid email address, and a credit/debit card to pay the Turkey visa fee. Please note that some nationals are required to present additional documents while applying for a Turkish e-Visa online. "

    The Turkey e-Visa online application is a quick process, but you are advised to apply at least 48 hours before your trip. The Turkey sticker visa process takes more time, so you are advised to apply at least one month before travel. In all cases, it is recommended to start the application process early, in case of delays or unforeseen circumstances.

    No, a COVID-19 test is not required. Travel to Turkey is permitted without a COVID-19 pcr test, quarantine, or vaccination certificate. However, it is recommended that travelers check Turkey's COVID-19 entry requirements prior to travel, as conditions may be subject to change.

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