Turkey Visa for Bangladeshi

To travel to Turkey for tourism or business activities, Bangladesh nationals must apply for a Turkey visa prior to travel. Bangladesh citizens holding a visa or residence permit from US/UK/Ireland or Schengen country may be eligible to apply online for a Turkey e-Visa. Otherwise, the Bangladesh citizen should apply for a Turkey sticker visa through a Turkish embassy or consulate. The Turkey visa for Bangladesh nationals is a single-entry visa valid for 180 days, allowing the Bangladeshi traveler a maximum 30-day stay in Turkey. Please note that visa-on-arrival for Bangladesh nationals is not available at Turkish ports of entry.

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Required documents for Bangladesh citizens

To apply for a Turkey e-Visa, Bangladesh passport holders must meet the following requirements:


A passport valid for at least 90 days before travel date

Credit/debit card or pay account

A credit/debit card to pay the visa fee.


A valid email address

Application form

A completed Turkey visa application form

Visa or residence permit

A valid visa or residence permit from the US, UK, Ireland or Schengen country.

Please be advised that, while Bangladesh citizens need only the above requirements in order to apply online for the Turkey e-Visa, applicants may be requested to provide additional supporting documents when traveling to Turkey, such as a return or onward airline ticket, hotel booking, and proof of $50 daily allowance during stay in Turkey.
All passports, visas, and residence permits must be valid, as the Turkey e-Visa will directly correspond with the supporting documents you submit.
Please be aware that the Turkey e-Visa must be used for tourism or business activities, such as leisure, meetings or conferences. Any long-term activities require a specific type of Turkish visa or residence permit.

Turkey Visa requirements

If you are not eligible to apply online for the Turkey e-Visa, Bangladesh nationals can apply for a Turkey sticker visa if they meet the following requirements:

  • Passport
    • With 6 months validity from the date of application and 2 blank pages
  • Personal photos
    • Photos taken within 6 months, on plain white background, facing forward with visible features, size 2.5 x 2.5 inch
  • Ticket
    • A return or onward airline ticket from Turkey
  • Financial proof
    • Proof of a $50 daily allowance during stay in Turkey
  • Accommodation
    • Proof of lodging or hotel bookings
  • Travel itinerary
    • Activity details of stay in Turkey
  • Medical insurance
    • Health coverage during stay in Turkey
  • Invitation letter from Turkish host
    • A Turkish individual’s TR identity or citizenship number, home address, contact information, income status, relationship to applicant, purpose of trip, and duration of stay.
    • Or, a Turkish company’s tax registration certificate and guarantee that host will take care of traveler’s living expenses during stay in Turkey.

Minors below the age of 18 are required to submit a consent form or a no objection certificate (NOC) by their parents/guardians.

You may be asked to supply further information during the application process.

How to apply for a Turkish e-Visa?

Bangladeshi nationals applying for a Turkey e-Visa should follow these steps:


Fill out the visa application form


Pay visa application fee with secure payment options

Receive visa

Approved visa will be sent to your email

Bangladesh passport holders applying for a Turkey sticker visas should do so through their nearest Turkey embassy, consulate, or representation office abroad.

How Bangladesh citizens can apply for a Turkey visa

Bangladesh citizens national can follow this detailed guide when applying for the Turkish e-Visa:

  • Start your Turkey e-Visa application
    • Click “Applyonline now” to be redirected to the Turkey e-Visa application page.
  • Fill out the Turkey e-Visa Application Form
    • Select “Bangladesh” in the country field, and select your arrival date to Turkey.
    • You will be shown information specific to Bangladesh applicants, including your Turkey e-Visa validity and permitted length of stay with a single-entry Turkey e-Visa.
    • Fill in your details using the same travel document that you will use for entry into Turkey, such as the passport number, passport expiry date, birth place, family members’ names, and contact information.
    • Fill in the details of your US, UK, Ireland, or Schengen country visa or residence permit, with other details, such as the document number, type, country of issuance, and validity dates.
    • Click “Next” and you will be redirected to the verification page.
  • Verify your Turkey e-Visa application information
    • Confirm all information is accurate, otherwise your Turkey e-Visa will be invalidated. Click “Back” to modify any errors.
    • Once you are certain that all your information is correct, click “Submit”, and you will be redirected to the payment page.
  • Pay the Turkey e-Visa application fee
    • Select one of the secure online payment methods and complete the transaction.
  • Receive your Turkey e-Visa
    • If approved, a soft copy of your Turkey e-Visa will be emailed to you.
    • Print out your Turkey e-Visa and present it with your passport or travel document when you arrive to a Turkey point of entry.

Processing time

Bangladeshi applicants will receive their fully processed and issued Turkey e-Visa within only 48 hours. Turkey sticker visa processing times will vary, and it is best you contact your nearest Turkey embassy or consulate for more information. You should always give the visa application process ample time in case of delays.

Bangladesh embassy and consulate in Turkey

Embassy of Bangladesh in Turkey:
Address: Oran Mahallesi, Kılıç Ali Caddesi, No: 14 Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey.

Consulate General of Bangladesh in Istanbul:
Address: Hoşsohbet Sokak no: 6, Gayrettepe, Beşiktaş, Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkish Embassy in Bangladesh

Embassy of Turkey in Bangladesh:
Address: 6, Madani Avenue, Baridhara Diplomatic Zone, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.


Bangladesh citizens applying online for a Turkey e-Visa will only wait a maximum of 48 hours for their visa to be fully processed and issued. If you are a Bangladeshi applicant applying for a Turkey sticker visa, then you must contact your nearest Turkish embassy or consulate and inquire about their processing times.

Bangladesh nationals can visit Turkey provided they are traveling with a valid Turkey visa. Bangladesh passport holders can apply for a Turkey e-Visa, if they meet certain requirements, including having a visa or residence permit from the US, UK, Ireland, or Schengen country. Bangladeshi applicants who do not meet these requirements should apply for a Turkey sticker visa through their nearest Turkey embassy or consulate.